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We are proud of the love and care that goes into each skein of yarn here at Swift Yarns.  We use professional low impact acid dyes and a variety of immersion and low immersion techniques to create our repeatable and special edition yarn colors. Our yarns are dyed two at a time to ensure consistency in the skeins, which is why we do not have any dye lots.  We dye the yarns to exhaustion and then rinse the yarns.  We do not use any wool washes as many contain some herbal additives or chemicals that may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.  Some yarns are air dried and some are given a small amount of radiant heat, depending on their fiber content.  The yarns are then checked for any dye irregularities and then sent to stockists or inventoried here on our website.  

It is best to purchase all the yarn you need at the one time and alternate skeins while knitting to blend seamlessly the unique variations between each skein of yarn.  Each skein is one of a kind and variations between is not uncommon and adds to the uniqueness of using hand dyed yarns. 

To learn more about caring for your yarns and knitted items please visit Care.